My lab is interested in complex interactions, network dynamics, as well as conscious and hedonic experiences.

We combine computational approaches in neuroimaging, ultrasonic brain stimulation, and psychopharmacological neuromodulation to understand the role of complex brain network dynamics in the emergence of conscious and hedonic experiences in the healthy and diseased brain.

We support open science.
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Tiny Blue Dot Foundation

PI: Crone Co-Investigators: Lanzenberger, Spies

The role of transformative experiences and brain network dynamics in hedonic response to psychedelics: paving the way for broader utilization

900.000 Dollar | 3 years


ERC Starting Grant Interview Invitation

Got the interview (yay!). But did not get the funding (no worries – I’ll try again)


Rudolphina News

How ketamine can work against depression


FWF #Connecting Minds

PI: Pelowski, Crone, Spee

Transdisciplinary project „Unlocking the Muse: Transdisciplinary approaches to understanding and applying the intersection of artistic creativity and Parkinson’s disease“

1 Million Euro | 5 years


Interuniversity Cluster Projects

PI: Crone
Co-PI: Lanzenberger

Interdisciplinary project „Unraveling the aesthetic mind in anhedonia: Insights from pharmacological imaging of the human brain“

300 K Euro | 3 years


Trainee Professional Development Award

The Trainee Professional Development Award (TPDA) recognizes undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who demonstrate scientific merit and excellence in research.


K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award

PI: Crone

Interdisciplinary project „Cell-specific mechanism and functional connectivity in TBI using optogenetic fMRI“

186 K / 1 Million Dollar | 5 years


Julia Sophia Crone

Principle Investigator

Maximilian Kathofer

PhD Student

Franz Roman Schmid

PhD Student


Under Review

Crone, J.S. & Leder, H. (under review). A neuroscientific view on context and complexity of aesthetic experiences.

Schnetzer, L., Crone, J.S., et al., & Kronbichler, M. (under review). Diagnosis and prognosis in disorders of consciousness: An active paradigm fMRI study.

Peer-reviewed Journals

Kathofer, M., et al., & Crone, J.S. (2023). Bridging neurodegenerative diseases and artistic expressivity: The significance of testable models and causal inference. Physics of Life Review

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Leder, H. & Crone, J.S. (2023). Changes in style as a diagnostic medical tool or a way to study creativity in art? Comment on “Can we really ‘read’ art to see the changing brain? A review and empirical assessment of clinical case reports and published artworks for systematic evidence of quality and style changes linked to damage or neurodegenerative disease” by Pelowski et al. (2022). Physics of Life Review.

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Edited Books and Chapters

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